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Civil law

Civil law involves the law between private citizens. It as well includes obligations law, family law, inheritance law and property law, including damages. Our law firm counselling and representation prior to the lawsuit and during court proceedings.

Inheritance law

We provide counselling and representation services in inheritance proceedings. Special emphasis is given to inheritance agreements, with which the heirs consensually agree on inheritance matters during inheritance hearing before court. We draft testaments and provide counselling services for inheritance law agreements, with which certain individuals may be excluded from inheritance

Labour law

We provide counselling services and guide and prepare all the procedures and documents related to employees, particularly the termination of employment contracts. We cover the stage before court and during court proceedings in all cases.

We represent the workers and provide counselling services in all procedures and situations involving their employers and before court.

Family law

We provide counselling and representation services before court in divorce cases, child custody, child maintenance, contacts and other related matters.

Commercial law

We perform negotiations when concluding commercial contracts and offer consultation in finding individual solutions and offer representation before court in case of disputes regarding job performance, complaints and payment.

Executive law

We file in debt collection claims and objections against debt enforcement decisions. We offer representation before court, when after the objection against the debt enforcement decision the matter still proceeds in the litigation procedure (as is the case after the lawsuit). We propose the continuation of the debt enforcement by applying new means of enforcement (i.e. property repossession). We make inquiries regarding the debtors’ assets.

Criminal law

We defend the ones accused in criminal proceedings and also offer representation of the aggrieved parties.

Obligations law

We draft up different contracts and agreements related to obligations law (i.e. loan agreements, tenancy agreements). We also review previously drafted agreements and offer consultation services. In case of disputes we offer representation before court.


We also provide counselling in numerous situations and procedures outside the scope of our core business.

The articles below cover these particular subject matters; you can, however, ask what you would like to know.

Bankruptcy law

We offer counselling and representation in lodging claims in a bankruptcy procedure. We also provide counselling to natural persons in civil bankruptcy procedures.

Property law

We perform counselling and representation in cases related to divisions of co-property, property right prescription or easement, trespassing, returning things, claims prohibiting disturbance of property right etc.

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